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11th December 2010
My own blog is running

After one sponsored post on Guido's blog, I've create my own. So hopefully I'll post some good stuff here later.

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18th December 2010
Postfix mail queue

Did you ever have to analyse a mail queue in postfix - more than typing 'mailq' in a shell and hope after some time the queue empties? I thought there'd be a command in postfix to show the message body or header from a specified message id. But I was disappointed, only exim has this with -Mvb or -Mvh. Postfix ships postcat to show queue files, but it needs the absolute path to the queued file - so I can use less or cat instead.

With a Google search I found a small bash script called pfcat to do this job. It walks through all queue directories and uses postcat to display the message with the given message id.

BTW: I found another nice tool called qshape to display all queue content in a table view. This one is shipped with standard postfix.

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26th December 2010
Weihnachts VLC
Um Weihnachten herum trägt selbst der VLC eine rote Mütze auf dem Verkehrshütchen. Ich war zuerst verwundert, warum das Symbol in meiner Gnome-Startleiste so 'anders' aussah. Bei näheren hinschauen erkannt ich auch hier die rote Weihnachtsmütze. weihnachts vlc
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