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10th January 2011
Shredder (aka Thunderbird/Icedove) Nightly Builds

Last August I listened to Axel Beckert's (abe) talk at FrOSCon about Automated building .deb packages from VCS snapshots. Axel builds the web browser Conkeror this way and I daydreamed from a nightly built Icedove. Mozilla provides nightly snapshots of Thunderbird, but these are compressed tar files and I'm too lazy to do things (download, extract, remove, purge, ...) which a package manager does better and faster than me.

Today, four months later, I want to announce my nightly build service for Icedove. It provides binary packages - shredder-nightly - for i386 and amd64 in a signed APT repository.

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13th January 2011
Fosdem 2011

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting
Yes, I'll be there. So see you all in Brussels!

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