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18th December 2010
Postfix mail queue

Did you ever have to analyse a mail queue in postfix - more than typing 'mailq' in a shell and hope after some time the queue empties? I thought there'd be a command in postfix to show the message body or header from a specified message id. But I was disappointed, only exim has this with -Mvb or -Mvh. Postfix ships postcat to show queue files, but it needs the absolute path to the queued file - so I can use less or cat instead.

With a Google search I found a small bash script called pfcat to do this job. It walks through all queue directories and uses postcat to display the message with the given message id.

BTW: I found another nice tool called qshape to display all queue content in a table view. This one is shipped with standard postfix.

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10th January 2011
Shredder (aka Thunderbird/Icedove) Nightly Builds

Last August I listened to Axel Beckert's (abe) talk at FrOSCon about Automated building .deb packages from VCS snapshots. Axel builds the web browser Conkeror this way and I daydreamed from a nightly built Icedove. Mozilla provides nightly snapshots of Thunderbird, but these are compressed tar files and I'm too lazy to do things (download, extract, remove, purge, ...) which a package manager does better and faster than me.

Today, four months later, I want to announce my nightly build service for Icedove. It provides binary packages - shredder-nightly - for i386 and amd64 in a signed APT repository.

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8th February 2011
Squeeze finally landed
Half a year after I found three Squeezes in my luggage, some more of these cute green guys landed at FOSDEM.

Thanks to Gavin for the fun and all involved Debian people for Squeeze!
landed squeezes
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4th April 2011
4th Debian Groupware meeting
We celebrate the 4th edition of Debian Groupware meeting last weekend at Linuxhotel in Essen. A weekend with 'full-time-hacking' on Groupware related stuff. So now we have Icedove 3.1 and translation packages for Iceowl in Sid. Another task was bugfixing and try to solve license/trademark problems with z-push.
Due to the lovely weather on Saturday, we have BBQ together with some people from FROSCON. And these people carried unwittingly Debian swirled sweets.

Just in one phrase: I'm looking forward to the 5th Groupware meeting in 2012.
debian sweets
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16th May 2011
Gosh - I'm became DD on Saturday

After nearly two years of answering questions and mostly didn't find time to do so, I'm a DD now. Thanks to all involved people, specifically to Ben Hutchings - my AM and Torsten Werner who advocate me.

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